Save the Children

Charities / Charties 2015

A powerful 7.8 magnitude earthquake, reportedly the worst in Nepal in the past 81 years, struck April 25 and devastated thousands of children and families. Save the Children, has worked in Nepal since 1976 and has programs that reach across the country, reacted immediately and launched a disaster response on the ground distributing in-country emergency relief supplies, reaching thousands of people with shelter kits, baby clothes, cooking utensils and more. The needs of affected Nepalese children and families are and will remain enormous. Across the 39 affected districts, some 660,000 homes are said to be damaged or destroyed and 2.8 million children and adults are displaced.

Save the Children was there for the children of Nepal before and during this terrible tragedy, and will continue to stand alongside affected families as long as there is need. Through its Nepal Children’s Relief Fund, Save the Children plans to reach over one million people with immediate relief now and through what will be a long-term recovery effort. Tonight’s benefit will help in this relief and recovery effort.